Atlas Mapping's Tough Mudder progress


The image shows our training route on Friday evening, the red diamond shows our starting point, and the red line follows the 4-mile loop in the North of Peterborough. The ‘X’ highlights where we carried out a range of exercises that we feel best represent what we can expect to be subjected to as part of the Tough Mudder event in July.

The blue shaded distance zones have been applied to show half a mile increments from our start location to help visualise the distance that was covered. As you can see when we reach the outmost point in the loop, it falls within the 2-mile zone, so as we trace the route back to the start, it, of course, means we covered a total distance of just over 4 miles.

If you would like to find out more about Tough Mudder, please follow this link and if you would like to support us and help raise money for Cancer Research UK, please donate here.