Field Team Management

Field Team Managers who use our market and territory planning services fall into one of two camps: those who manage sales teams and those on the operational side, looking after, say, a team of plumbers or electricians.

Alas, some Field Team Managers would love to use us, but never get around to making the call. They’re far too busy fighting fires, organising sickness cover and explaining to customers that their tradesman’s van is late because it’s stuck in a jam or has just had a breakdown. (It’s enough to give them a breakdown).

Before and after using Atlas Mapping

Explore the evolution of field team territory mapping with our interactive before and after mapping slider.

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Your challenges

  • Apart from not having enough hours in the day, you’re keen to find a way to make your team leaner and greener to cut down on those “how much?” fuel costs
  • You’re constantly looking for new ways to help your team squeeze more calls into the day
  • You want to stay ahead of the game, proactively expanding the team to keep up with increasing demand
  • You also need to know how many reps or engineers you need in an area to give the best possible service to customers without wasting resources – always a tricky line to tread

 Over 30,000 enquiries are handled each month with Vision and the Find Your Nearest add-on sitting right at the heart of the ChipsAway operation. No wonder they are now so wedded to this critical piece of infrastructure.


Atlas to the rescue

Whatever your challenge, we can solve it by defining patches for your business that are the right size with the right number of potential customers.


How do we perform such magic? Well, first, we identify where your current customers are and we use that information to devise a model we can replicate to identify where other customers might be hiding.


Next, we factor in everything from the number of customers a typical engineer can service in a day to market penetration to drive times. That tells us how many engineers you need, and where.


Everything is interconnected. Once we’ve crunched all the numbers, we have a model that’s going to work for every patch across the country (even those you haven’t moved into yet)

Finally, your finished territory network is uploaded into our software Vision. Providing you with a simple to use cutting edge tool to make managing your network a breeze.

Benefits to you

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More daily calls
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Higher operating margin
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Motivated team
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Easier planning
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Happier customers
Dynamic planning

We share your vision using our Vision

Once your network is created, it’s delivered in Vision. All the information you need can be colour-coded so it’s easy to see, for example, where there are holes for your HR gurus to fill. Your business will keep steadily growing but we’ll stay one step ahead, creating your patches of the future.

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