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It’s always interesting getting a call from a Private Equity firm because we can never be quite sure which of our services they’ll be after. Sometimes it’s branch planning, sometimes it’s territory planning and sometimes it’s support with selling territories. Whatever your reason for getting in touch, rest assured, we have the expertise to help. We’re also happy you called!

Before and After Using Atlas Mapping

Explore how we help you see the path to success with our mapping slider.

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We were able to use Vision to establish a consistent approach to markets for a leading Private Equity firm. This enabled all stakeholders to see the big picture and gave them the insight they needed to make better-informed decisions to accelerate growth.


What do you need?

You’ll probably be looking for the best way to drive growth in a company within your private equity portfolio that’s struggling with some kind of geographic challenge.

The six million dollar question will often be where best can you invest your resources to secure a quick return on investment with bags of potential for the long-term?


One thing’s for sure, there’s too much money at stake to keep basing a strategy for growth on the hunches of Regional Managers.


Marketing and territory planning expertise might well be in short supply in the company you’re working with, but the good news is you’re in exactly the right place.

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What we offer

Allow us to introduce you to the science of market and territory planning, with an emphasis on ‘science’. Our whole process is data-driven and starts with an analysis of the existing business, drilling down into customer locations, branches, stores, field teams and warehouses to give us a firm base to work from.
Then we get to know what your typical customers look like (demographically speaking, of course) and where we can find more of them with similar profiles. Once we understand all that, we can get down to the fun stuff, plotting new local markets or territories with all the right ingredients. These are graded, based on things like the demographic composition, competitor activity and existing sales. You get a clear picture of where you need to go and in which order of priority.

Benefits to you

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Scale quicker
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Increase ROI
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Joined up team
Reduced risk
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Clear vision
Confident decision making

We appreciate how you guys work

We find that with our Private Equity clients, there are usually more stakeholders involved with projects and a higher level of reporting is required. We’re all over this with a level of customer support that’s second to none. Better still, we present our findings in such a user-friendly way that all those who haven’t been directly involved in the proceedings can still easily understand what’s going on and why.

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