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We help you figure out where to take your business next. Combining your data with third-party information and delivering everything in our simple-to-use online tool Vision, your business will have a clearly defined approach to achieving your goals. Our motto, “solve complex problems with logic and grace”.

One of our biggest values is to have fun! We know mapping and analytics aren’t the most exciting subject for everyone, but we’ll show you how to use them and enjoy the journey.


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You’re probably here because you’re frustrated with the challenge of making or managing territories, setting up new locations or just trying to find software to make life easier. And what’s happened is you stumbled across us and would you believe it, yes! We have solved these issues. Geography is such an important piece of data and lots of data has a geographic reference. Think about it, your customers are located somewhere, so are your staff, your branches or offices and almost anything else you can think of. With our help, you can unlock the power of this information without using clunky over-complicated analysis software.

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Territory Mapping

Whatever your territory requirements are, we can help you find a better way forward.

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Vision is the perfect tool for helping the ChipsAway franchise development team sell new territories and manage the existing network. Alongside that, the Find Your Nearest add-on provides the ideal solution to deal with customer enquiries from outside the awarded network.


 At Amada we were struggling really hard with building territories for new prospects and keeping all the key information in place for our current franchise partners. Vision was the software we were dreaming of. It definitely streamlined our process thanks to their fast, comprehensive, reliable, and easy to manage software. Thanks to their support we don't need a specialized 24/7 territory person in our team as everyone can easily manage the mapping system.


Taking advantage of Vision’s user-friendly features, we were able to create the territory network of the future for Mr Charger. Better still, we could also take one step back, combining these territories to create the optimum service areas for today’s franchisees. Additional territories were temporarily allocated to the franchisee to service around their core territory, with the understanding that this expanded area would start to reduce as more and more customers were found closer to home. The result is a well-structured and simple-to-understand territory network with clarity for all stakeholders.


We have been delighted at the level of value that Vision has brought CareYourWay. Through seamless understanding of our model, Vision has supported us in turning a local home care provider into a national franchise. The statistics are well-received by all of our prospects, and we can see the level of value our mapping provides our franchise partners. Thank you to the team at Atlas Mapping.


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