Store Planning

Food and Beverage networks come to us hungry for information. Growth is always on the menu, but businesses like yours need the right insight before deciding where to open your next store.

The chances are, you know exactly the kind of demographics and data points you’re looking for, particularly if you’ve been through this process before. You just need the right partner to help you find that information. That’s where we come in.

Before and After Using Atlas Mapping

Explore the evolution of store planning with our interactive before and after mapping slider.

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Providing food for thought

We’re specialists in providing the high-level data you need to start narrowing your choices down.

We won’t tell you which floor of a shopping mall will work best for your business, as that kind of granular support requires detailed information on traffic and foot flow, precise competition locations and real estate availability.

We work one level above that, helping you find areas with the right mix of potential customers and competitors to increase your chances of success by growing faster and scaling more successfully.

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Missing ingredient

The biggest challenge with store planning is that there is often little to no data to analyse (not exactly ideal for our data analysts)! That’s because most trade is over the counter or delivered via third-party aggregators like Deliveroo. So we can’t see where end customers live to create an accurate view of the catchment area.

So, we review the market within a couple of miles of the store and compare this to sales data for other stores across the company. We then look for patterns. Maybe store sales are lower when the population isn’t high enough and the store isn’t in a destination location such as a major shopping centre. (If the stores on a high street, it’s more likely to be servicing the local population, whereas a shopping centre will have a much wider catchment area.)

Once we have a platform to work from, we follow the same 4-stage process we use for all our services…

Your journey with us

Stage 1 – Scope data requirements

First, we need to understand what we need to analyse to create the ideal network for your business.

Stage 2 – Analyse data

We use geographic data, usually a mix of your own data and market data, to draw our conclusions and find the best approach to follow.

Stage 3 – Territory/market mapping

We then map out the territories or markets you want to grow into, even taking into account topography and road networks.

Stage 4 – Delivery into Vision

This gives you and your fellow stakeholders easy access to all the data and a range of user-friendly tools to manage the project.


Benefits to you

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Faster growth
Less risk
Auto renew
Consistent approach
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Data-driven strategy
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More scale
Make confident decisions

The perfect takeaway for everyone

As with our Branch Planning service, we create all the markets with the best potential and then grade them on the data we’ve uncovered, using a traffic light system in Vision. This makes the information easy to digest for everyone in your business, not just the IT nerds.

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