We know what you’re thinking. No, there aren’t as many specialist add-on features as you might have expected. What can we say? When you get things right the first time around, as we did with Vision, how can you improve on perfection?

Find Your Nearest

So what happens when a customer enquiry comes into a franchisor from a location outside the area covered by any of the franchisees?

Handled the old-fashioned way, that enquiry might come into Head Office and someone would need to decide “as soon as I can get round to it” if there’s a franchisee close enough to look after them. If so, they’ll pass on the lead. If not, the customer will need to be let down gently. This all takes time and, if different team members are making the calls, the decision-making can be a bit hit-or-miss.

You can forget all that nonsense with Find Your Nearest which automates the whole process. For our customers, who can set their own rules on how calls are managed, there are big savings of time, cost and hassle. For their customers, enquiries are dealt with instantly and professionally, providing a top-notch customer experience.


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