Territory mapping for established franchisors

Yes, you have a network of territories already set up but, no, you’re not very happy with it. And for good reason, as it just sprung up over time and wasn’t properly planned, there are now wasted sales opportunities all over the country.

This haphazard approach allowed you to grow very fast in the early days but now you’re paying for it. If only you could reboot your franchise territories as easily as your computer.

Before and After Using Atlas Mapping

Explore the evolution of territory mapping with our interactive before and after mapping slider.

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Your challenges

  • Growth for your business has stagnated.
  • You’ve reached a ‘glass ceiling’ with wonky territories that block out the whole country in an inefficient way.
  • Too many of your territories are too big for your franchisees to service properly. That’s a huge wasted opportunity that needs fixing.
  • You might also have gaps between territories that no one really wants.
  • Help!

These problems are too complicated to solve in-house. It’s hard to find a way out of the problem because you’re worried about compromising existing agreements. What you need is to bring in an expert outsider to do a gap analysis and then somehow sort out all these issues.

Taking advantage of Vision’s user-friendly features, we were able to create the territory network of the future for Mr Charger. Better still, we could also take one step back, combining these territories to create the optimum service areas for today’s franchisees. Additional territories were temporarily allocated to the franchisee to service around their core territory, with the understanding that this expanded area would start to reduce as more and more customers were found closer to home. The result is a well-structured and simple-to-understand territory network with clarity for all stakeholders.


Atlas to the rescue

Firstly, we analyse your business. Using demographics, we find out where your franchisees are trading and compare that to the territories awarded to them. Depending on the franchise, your customers could be consumers, households or businesses.

This gap analysis shines a light on the truth of how your business performs across the country. The key credential to a successful franchise territory is where your customers are most likely to be, not where the franchisee happens to live!

We establish what ‘good’ looks like for a benchmark territory. Then we replicate that across the country, creating a clear and simple map of territories.
Finally, we overlay the existing territories onto our new map in Vision, so you can see the difference. We may segment an existing territory into two or three, for example, to optimise the sales potential of each one.

In practice, it will take a while to reshape the whole franchise business, with many re-negotiations likely to be needed. But now, at least, you have the perfect plan to work towards.


Benefits to you

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More franchise units
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Higher network sales
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Realistic franchisee exit plans
Increased profitability
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Happier franchisees
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Happier customers!

Welcome to territory harmony!

When all your territories are properly planned to optimise sales opportunities across the country, you’ll feel that same sense of relief and satisfaction you get when you’ve just had your house decorated. Everything is sorted.

The franchisor benefits because, once you’ve had the time to make the necessary changes, all the territories will be the right size, based around customer data. Then, your business can start to grow again. Our work will also provide you with invaluable insight into everything from customers to venues to demographics, which you can use in a multitude of ways to benefit your business. Above all, you’ll finally appreciate the true level of opportunity for each franchise and the network as a whole.

The franchisees benefit because they will no longer feel over-stretched. They can even make some handy capital by selling off parts of their territory they weren’t able to cover properly anyway. Happy days!

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