Mobile Services

Are you looking after a team of plumbers or electricians, for example, but think you could do a better job if you had more insight into your local area? If you knew things like how many potential customers you’re missing out on and how you could reel them in?

The trouble is you rarely get the chance to think about the bigger picture because the days are already so hectic, trying to solve one issue after the next. (If juggling four things at the same time was what you wanted to do, you’d be working in the circus!)

But wouldn’t it be lovely if you could find new ways to make the business more efficient? To squeeze more jobs into the day. To know the optimum number of reps or engineers you need to service your area more efficiently.

Before and after using Atlas Mapping

Explore the evolution of field team territory mapping with our interactive before and after mapping slider.

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Your challenges

It’s likely that you have a wealth of data but just don’t quite know how to use it. Or, you and your team just don’t have the time to deal with everything. There are far too many things that need sorting every day but you know it won’t get any better unless you can take some time to look at the bigger picture.

Our solutions require very little of your time, and we’re super experienced in dealing with different systems and extracting the data we need. We know it’s important that you are fed just the key information and you need a partner you can trust has carried out the groundwork.

 Vision is the perfect tool for helping the ChipsAway franchise development team sell new territories and manage the existing network. Alongside that, the Find Your Nearest add-on provides the ideal solution to deal with customer enquiries from outside the awarded network.


Atlas to the rescue

Our tried and tested approach provides consistent results, whatever your requirements.

We start by gathering data on your existing operations. Where are your customers, jobs and what makes your business tick? We need to see where you are now, to understand how we can get to where you want to go.


Then we package up the results to convey back to you in simple-to-understand terms and in a way that allows you and your team to back an informed decision.


Next, we create the territory network of your dreams making sure each has enough potential and/or existing customers so engineers optimise their day. We can tell you exactly how many technicians you need, and where.


Finally, your finished territory network is uploaded into our software Vision. Providing you with a simple to use cutting edge tool to make managing your network a breeze.


Benefits to you

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More daily calls
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Higher operating margin
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Motivated team
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Easier planning
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Happier customers
Dynamic planning

Vision makes your data easy to understand

This might all sound very technical, but our Vision software platform makes it easy even for novices to understand. All the information you need can be colour-coded so it’s easy to see. Your business will keep steadily growing and we’ll help you stay one step ahead.

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