Vision Platform

Keeping things simple (because that’s what this tool does), Vision helps you make more informed location planning decisions for your business.

These days, there are loads of geographic data that companies hold but aren’t using, including customer, store and competitor locations. Vision puts all that on a map to help you plan growth with confidence.

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What sets Vision apart?

Unlike complicated geographical information systems (GIS) that leave you scratching your head, you’ll actually enjoy jumping on and doing your thing with Vision. Whether you want to create a top-performing franchise territory, improve marketing ROI or find new locations, you’ll find the whole thing a doddle to use.

This is the technology solution for technophobes, with a simple ‘point and click’ operation.

If you do run into problems (we can all have a bad day), no worries. Unlike most other software providers, we provide “human” support with everything from onboarding to day-to-day use to customisation for bespoke projects.


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Easily and quickly create areas
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Identify key market data

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Plot everything from customers to competitors to venues

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Cover multiple countries

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Extensive user permissions

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Typical users

Most of our users fall into one of two camps:

  • Someone who’s fed up with their clunky GIS tool which never tells them what they really need to know.
  • Someone who’s looking to grow their business geographically but realises that XL spreadsheets (get it...?) aren’t the way forward in the 21st century.

Vision uses colour coding for a range of classifications that are important for your business. For franchisors, that could be indicating territories sold, for sale and under offer. For marketers, it could define the areas of greatest and least priority. For nationwide businesses, it could simply show how each individual branch is performing. Whatever, you need to know, you’ll usually find it within 2-3 clicks.

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