New Franchisors

OK, we get it. In terms of the most exciting aspects of starting a franchise, compared with things like creating your manual and your marketing strategy, sorting territories comes close to the bottom of the list, just above choosing the printer paper. We’re not saying Atlas Mapping makes territory mapping exciting, but we do make it simpler, clearer and, you have to admit this next bit is compelling… we optimise profitability.

Before and After Using Atlas Mapping

Explore the evolution of territory mapping with our interactive before and after mapping slider.

New franchisors slider - Before (5) New franchisors slider - After (5)
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Your challenges

You might have sold the odd territory to get things going, or you might not have sold any. Either way, you’re not really sure the right way to move forward. At this stage, there are more questions than answers:

  • What geography do we use?
  • How do we define everything?
  • Do we need some kind of software?
  • How do you define where each territory begins and ends?
  • Is it by population size? Is it by household?
  • Help!

Taking advantage of Vision’s user-friendly features, we were able to create the territory network of the future for Mr Charger. Better still, we could also take one step back, combining these territories to create the optimum service areas for today’s franchisees. Additional territories were temporarily allocated to the franchisee to service around their core territory, with the understanding that this expanded area would start to reduce as more and more customers were found closer to home. The result is a well-structured and simple-to-understand territory network with clarity for all stakeholders.

Mr Charger

Your journey with us

The first thing we do, after calming you down, is analyse your business.
Using demographics, we find out where your customers are most likely to be and base our territory mapping around that. Depending on the franchise, your customers could either be consumers, households or businesses.

We establish what ‘good’ looks like for a benchmark territory.


Then we replicate that across the country, creating a clear and simple map of territories with a full understanding of the sales opportunities available.


Finally, your territories are uploaded into Vision and you can start selling territories that match your awesome franchise offering.


Benefits to you

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More franchise units
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Higher network sales
Reduced franchisee churn
More profitable
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Happier franchisees
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Common mistake alert!

New franchisors often award areas that are too large. That’s only because they desperately want the franchisee to succeed. But if the area is too big to service properly, sales potential is wasted. It can also open up a can of worms with future network development.

  • We plan territories that are perfect for the business, not the individual.
  • Franchisors get the right number of territories, in the right place.
  • Franchisees benefit too, getting a territory at the right size with the right opportunity to succeed without the risk of spreading themselves too thin.

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