Field Team Planning

Field team planning, where do you even start? Faced with all kinds of decisions from how many people you need to where should they be located to when they should be hired, it can be tempting to dump this in the “Too Hard Basket”.

Or maybe you already have a team in place but you need to shuffle the pack to make things more profitable. Or perhaps you have a different headache that’s keeping you awake at night. Paracetamol has nothing on our team of field planning experts who can clear your head by turning mountains into molehills with a structured data-driven approach and an easy-to-follow plan.

Before and after using Atlas Mapping

Explore the evolution of field team territory mapping with our interactive before and after mapping slider.

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Your challenges

  • You need to get a team up and running but don’t know where to start. Guessing is one option, but you need to find a better one.
  • Perhaps your team is in place but needs shaking up. You’ve got it wrong enough times in the past to know only accurate data will help you get it right this time.
  • Having no accurate marketing data on the local area is making it impossible to set and measure credible KPIs.
  • You want your team to have an area that matches their ambitions, not a higgledy-piggledy territory that causes them daily irritations.
  • Not too sure how efficient your operation really is? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Atlas to the rescue

Whatever your challenge, we can solve it by defining patches for your business that are the right size with the right number of potential customers.


How do we perform such magic? Well, first, we identify where your current customers are and we use that information to devise a model we can replicate to identify where other customers might be hiding.


Next, we factor in everything from the number of customers a typical engineer can service in a day to market penetration to drive times. That tells us how many engineers you need, and where.


Everything is interconnected. Once we’ve crunched all the numbers, we have a model that’s going to work for every patch across the country (even those you haven’t moved into yet).


Finally, your finished territory network is uploaded with our software Vision. Providing you with a simple, cutting-edge tool to make managing your network a breeze.


Benefits to you

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More daily calls
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Higher operating margin
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Motivated team
Easier to use
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Happier customers
Dynamic planning

We share your vision using our Vision

Once your network is created, it’s delivered in Vision. All the information you need can be colour-coded so it’s easy to see, for example, where there are holes for your HR gurus to fill. Your business will keep steadily growing but we’ll stay one step ahead, creating your patches of the future.