Territory mapping

In a parallel universe, where territory mapping is rock and roll, were as legendary as Elvis. Back on Planet Earth, we’re happy just beavering away in the office, taking mapping to new levels of ingenuity and effectiveness with none of the adulation we deserve.

Before and after using Atlas Mapping

Explore the evolution of territory mapping with our interactive before and after mapping slider.

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Your challenges

You’ve got to organise your work using territories and you have a feeling there must be a “right” way of doing this using data. The problem is there are a lot of moving pieces and you’re not quite sure where to start. Or, you’ve done this before and already know bringing in a specialist is going to save you a lot of time and hassle!

Some of the key questions we help you answer are:

  • What data should I use to plan the territories?
  • How do I know what should be “in” each territory?
  • How many territories do we need?
  • How do we go from “here” to “there” when we don’t even have an indicative territory?

Atlas to the rescue

Firstly, we analyse your business. Combining demographics with your sales data and customer locations. This creates a view of how your business performs and what makes you successful.
Using the results, we help you identify what the minimum opportunity should be in a territory. On top of that, we lay out the limitations of the business model, there’s no point having enough customers in a territory if those customers can’t be reached.
Using this new approach, all of the new territories are laid out across the whole country or region that you want to grow into. Each territory contains the right number of customers but also takes into account the topography and transport network so you can rest assured that the territories will actually work.
The last step is that your brand new territory network is uploaded into Vision. Giving you and your team the clearest view of the path ahead and how to achieve it.

Benefits to you

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Maximise reach
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Higher network sales
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Better teamwork
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Happier customers
Increased profitability
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Clear vision of the future

Becoming an overnight success takes time

A typical territory mapping project usually takes a couple of months before you’re ready to take over the world. In a matter of just a few weeks, we can usually deliver something that will give you a great return for many years to come. How rock and roll is that?

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