With our unbridled passion for all things mapping, we’re not the best people to be seated next to at a franchise awards dinner. Unless you want to hear everything there is to know about planning franchise territories that work their socks off.

Franchising is often misunderstood by those who don't work within it. The complex relationship between franchisee and franchisor, the longstanding nature of franchise agreements and the pressure of maintaining recruitment growth and supporting trading franchisees present a unique set of challenges. With over a thousand successful projects under our belt, it feels like we’ve been doing territory mapping since the days the world was still flat.

Before and After Using Atlas Mapping

Explore the evolution of territory mapping with our interactive before and after mapping slider.

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What you need

  • You might well have landed here because you need to figure out how to approach selling your franchise territories. Easier said than done if you’re new to all this.
  • Alternatively, you might be an old pro at setting up franchises and you’ve learned the hard way how important it is to get your territories right from the start.
  • Or you may be struggling with a legacy network, full of territories that are too large or too wonky for the needs of today. 
  • Whichever it is, it sounds like you need expert mapping support.

 At Amada we were struggling really hard with building territories for new prospects and keeping all the key information in place for our current franchise partners. Vision was the software we were dreaming of. It definitely streamlined our process thanks to their fast, comprehensive, reliable, and easy to manage software. Thanks to their support we don't need a specialized 24/7 territory person in our team as everyone can easily manage the mapping system.


Your journey with us

For new franchisors, we use our tried-and-tested tools and processes to get you up and running with a territory planning template that’s tailored to your business.


For developed franchisors, we make sense of all your data, then find the least painful and most rewarding way to create a new territory network. There are no quick fixes, but we’re well-practised in maintaining the delicate balance between the needs of franchisors and franchisees.


We use a repeatable, data-driven objective approach to creating territories of exactly the right size. There’s a clear rationale to everything we do and everything makes perfect sense, whatever side of the fence you’re on.


Your finished territory network is uploaded into our software platform, Vision. It’s been built from a franchisor’s point of view. Very simple to use, it provides a clear understanding of the opportunity in an area that can be shared with prospective franchisees to help you sell your territories.


Benefits to you

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Sell with confidence
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More franchise units
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Higher network sales
Reduced franchisee churn
More profitable
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Happier franchisees
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Common mistake alert!

New franchisors often award areas that are too large. That’s only because they desperately want the franchisee to succeed. But if the area is too big to service properly, sales potential is wasted. It can also open up a can of worms with future network development.

  • We plan territories that are perfect for the business, not the individual.
  • Franchisors get the right number of territories, in the right place.
  • Franchisees benefit too, getting a territory at the right size with the right opportunity to succeed without the risk of spreading themselves too thin.

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