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Solo user
Perfect for getting started

£165 GBP

per month
  • 1 User
  • Create as many territories as you like
  • Share as many territories as you like too!
  • Support from real people via our help centre. Come say hi.
  • View Country Data Pack
  • Plot up to 1,000 pins E.g. your customers
  • Access to detailed geography and data
  • Create and edit an unlimited number of territories using pre-set geography e.g. Postal Codes
  • View data updates in real time as you build your territories
  • Share a territory with a non-user. Unlimited shares!
  • Detailed geography and data (see Country Data Pack for what you get)
  • Create multiple territory networks
  • Combine territories together to make regions
  • Use classifications to colour code territories and pins
  • Create and edit up to 1k pins
  • Use Google Street View
  • Data heat mapping
  • Data table view
  • Export data
  • SSL encryption
  • Online support centre
Small team
You don’t have to go it alone!

£220 GBP

per month
  • Everything you get in the solo user package, plus…
  • 5 Users with permissions and data access management
  • Radial and hand drawn territory making tools
  • Access to the Vision API with a 10k monthly call limit
  • View Country Data Pack
  • Plot up to 50k pins
  • Share protected data access with another organisation. Collaborate on real time data.
  • Hand drawn and radial territories
  • Create and edit up to 50k pins
  • Filter data on the map
  • Demographic dashboard for a territory
  • User permissions
  • Access to the Vision API (documentation here)
  • 10k monthly call limit
Large team
Get everyone working from the same page

£440 GBP

per month
  • Everything you get in the solo and small team package, plus…
  • 20 Users with permissions and data access management
  • Our support team will help you with the perfect set up for your individual needs
  • 40k Vision API monthly call limit
  • View Country Data Pack
  • Plot up to 200k pins
  • Share protected data access with up to 5 external users from another organisation(s). Collaborate on real time data.
  • Up to 5 external users to share data and collaborate with other organisations
Multi-country or bespoke packages
Chat to our team, you’ll be amazed how simple Vision can make your challenge
  • Do you need more than 20 users?
  • Or multiple Country Data Packs? On any user package, even a single user
  • No need for a massive user pool for international expansion
  • View Country Data Pack
  • Do you need additional data or a Vision add-on?
  • We can provide one-off project support for your unique project
  • Or ongoing mapping-as-a-service company support

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Country Data Pack


  • 2021 Census Demographics
  • Postcode Areas
  • Postcode Districts
  • Postcode Sectors
  • Local & Unitary Authority Districts
  • Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies
  • Wards
  • Middle Layer Super Output Areas
  • Lower Layer Super Output Areas
  • Output Areas

Add on packs

From TRAC Consultancy

£110 GBP

per month
  • Sonar is a truly unique segmentation system that divides the population of Great Britain into 80 mutually exclusive groups according to the types of neighbourhood in which they live.
  • You can view and download the Sonar documentation here and an example customer profile here.
  • Sonar is a fantastic way to improve your planning and marketing
  • Create a detailed profile of your customers using their Postcodes
UK School Data
From Buzz Education

£55 GBP

per month
  • Circa 30,000 school locations across the country
  • Primary through to higher education classifications
  • View counts of schools at geographic levels to help with planning
  • School names and contact information
UK Business Data
From Market Location

£50 GBP

per month
  • Business counts at Postcode Sector level and above
  • Counts banded by employee size
  • Bespoke packages for counts within specific market sectors
  • Great for planning around competition or potential customers
UK Health Sector Data
Detailed data on health sector organisations

£50 GBP

per month
  • Data from CQC, CIW, HIW, CIS and RQIA databases
  • Over 60 organisation classifications
  • Over 60,000 locations across the country
  • Everything you need to know about local market conditions

Country Data Pack


  • 2020 Census Demographics
  • The latest ACS data including household income
  • Business data counts from Data Axle
  • 2 Digit Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs)
  • 3 Digit Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs)
  • 5 Digit Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs)
  • States
  • Counties
  • Census Tracts
  • Census Block Groups

Country Data Pack


  • Census Demographics
  • 2 Digit Postal Areas
  • 4 Digit Postal Areas
  • States
  • Statistical Areas Level 4
  • Statistical Areas Level 3
  • Statistical Areas Level 2
  • Statistical Areas Level 1

Country Data Pack


  • Census Demographics
  • Forward Sortation Areas (FSAs)
  • Provinces
  • Tracts
  • Dissemination Areas

Country Data Pack


  • Census Demographics
  • Counties
  • Electoral Divisions
  • Small Areas

Country Data Pack


  • Census Demographics
  • States
  • Municipalities

Country Data Pack

New Zealand

  • Census Demographics
  • 2 Digit Postcode Areas
  • 4 Digit Postcode Areas
  • Regional Councils
  • Territorial Authorities
  • Urban Areas
  • Area Units
  • Meshblocks

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