Investment Directors

You’ve been asked to expand a portfolio company, only to find their current geographic strategy feels more ‘finger in the air’ than ‘data-driven. Maybe it’s time to get in touch with a proven expert in this area who can get things back on the right track.

Our market and territory planning services are always based on hard fact, not gut feel. With this scientific approach, we’re all set up to improve the rate of growth, increase scale and, of course, deliver spectacular ROI.


Before and After Using Atlas Mapping

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Your challenges

To you, market and territory planning is something of a dark art. In this murky world, you’re not quite sure what’s what and what’s not. One thing you know for sure is that the haphazard approach to growth the company has taken in the past is not the answer. There’s too much money involved to keep leaving all this to chance. You need expert guidance fast.

Atlas to the rescue

The chances are, you’re not going to be very hands-on with all this. All you want to know is that our templating solution is simple to understand and sophisticated enough to make a difference. Yes, and yes again.

Investment Directors tend to like tried and tested processes. (That’s why we’re confident you’re going to like us). We evaluate the business in an objective data-driven way.

Then our Vision software explains everything so simply, even your Gran could understand. That makes it easy for stakeholders to support the thinking.
Vision breaks all the important stuff down for every local market. In a few clicks, you can check out the number of potential customers and jobs, the current sales and even how competitors are doing.
All local markets are graded on their potential, using a traffic light system. How easy to understand is that? Ready, steady, grow!

Benefits to you

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Scale quicker
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Increase ROI
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Joined up team
Reduced risk
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Clear vision
Confident decision making

Share our Vision of success

As the name suggests, using Vision is like someone taking the blindfold off. At last, you can see where you’re going. That makes it easier to grow the business by focusing on the areas with the most potential.

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