Trade Merchants

We often catch the eye of Trade Merchants looking for a more precise and data-driven solution than the one they’re currently using to help drive growth.

Because it's B2B, your clients will be providing services or materials to their own clients. So, the big question is, who are your customers’ customers?

Before and After Using Atlas Mapping

Explore the evolution of branch planning with our interactive before and after mapping slider.

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The art of lateral thinking

Approaching the problem differently, we might need to introduce job locations, for example, into calculations to partly close that information gap. That’s because, once you bear in mind the jobs and link them to the customers, you start getting an idea of the amount of work being done in an area.

Taking this thinking one stage further, many jobs have an invoice value associated with them. Use that data too and we can say, in the area around the branch, you have x million pounds of customer value and y million pounds of job value.

Now we’re getting somewhere, but the picture can still be incomplete. Because it's B2B, your clients will be providing services or materials to their own clients. So, the big question is, who are our customers’ customers? That’s when we keep digging into new streams of data, like domestic demographics, to come up with more rounded answers.

We were able to use Vision to establish a consistent approach to markets for a leading Private Equity firm. This enabled all stakeholders to see the big picture and gave them the insight they needed to make better-informed decisions to accelerate growth.

Atlas Mapping

Atlas Mapping 4-stage process

Stage 1 – Scope data requirements

First, we need to understand what we need to analyse to create the ideal network for your business.

Stage 2 – Analyse data

We use geographic data, usually a mix of your own data and market data, to draw our conclusions and find the best approach to follow. In short, we help you identify how many potential customers need to be close by for a branch to succeed.

Stage 3 – Territory/market mapping

We then map out the territories or markets you want to grow into, even taking into account topography and road networks.

Stage 4 – Delivery into Vision

This gives you and your fellow stakeholders easy access to all the data and a range of user-friendly tools to manage the project.


Benefits to you

Better decision making
Less risk
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Quicker decisions
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Reach more customers
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Improve profitability
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Clear team goals
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Solve your branch planning issues with a little bit of Vision

All the information you need can be colour-coded in Vision so it’s easy to see, for example, where there are holes to fill. Your business will keep steadily growing and we’ll be helping you stay one step ahead.

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