Special data packs

The quality of our data will give your business the edge. But if you’re really looking to ‘blow the bloody doors off’, you can turn the thrusters on by subscribing to one of our special third-party data packs designed for Vision customers.

These packs delve into data that you might not have previously considered essential. But, if you’re looking for deeper insight into a specific area, then this could well be the answer.

Currently, these packs are only available for UK customers, although were working with data providers to expand this valuable service into other regions.

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Sonar will give you a deeper understanding of the demographics of customer neighbourhoods. It will then find replica neighbourhoods across the country that match your perfect profile. Displaying this data in Vision, you can plan where to go next or where to spend your marketing budget to achieve the best ROI.

A full description of all the Sonar codes can be found here and an example profile here.

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Market Location Business Data

Our Market Location Business Data pack provideswell, Market Location business data. (Hey, were territory mapping and planning experts not product naming gurus!) Market Location is a leading provider of business contact information and we partner with them for counts of businesses at a granular level.

This data identifies potential customer locations for clients offering a product or service to businesses. Or, it can reveal valuable insights about the level of competition or complementary businesses in any particular area.

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Health Sector Data

Atlas Mapping is a leading provider of mapping services within the healthcare and home care markets. So much so that we have long maintained a database of businesses from the CQC, CIW, HIW, CIS and RQIA, which we now compile into a handy dataset.

All locations monitored by each organisation can be viewed as pins on the map in Vision with the counts also provided. When used alongside detailed demographics, this pack is just what the doctor ordered for any business operating in the health sector.

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Buzz Education School Data

Do your homework on around 30,000 school locations with names and contact information viewable in Vision. If you’re in the children’s activity sector, or provide services to the education sector, this pack is a must-have.

Used alongside the demographic information on children and families, it gives businesses in the education sector the insight needed to make the right decisions at the right time.

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